• The Lost Caravan

    “Riggan provides readers with a peculiar tale with two strands of storytelling that seem incongruent at first – a rollicking Indiana Jones-style story and a darker emotional drama about the pain of regret. That said, with all its disparate elements, manages to hold together and coheres into a novel that readers will enjoy. An oddly structured, but ultimately engaging thriller.”
    --Kirkus Reviews


  • Four old friends, members of the New York Explorers Club, decide to search for a

    legendary camel caravan that disappeared in 180 A.D. somewhere in the Empty

    Quarter of the Arabian Peninsula.


    Although past their prime, these adventurers are determined to make one last

    great discovery in the spirit of the famous explorers of the 19 th Century. A retired

    American war correspondent, a former Russian Cosmonaut, an aging British

    mercenary, and a beautiful actress - the runaway wife wife of one of Osama bin

    Laden’s brothers – set off together to solve the centuries old mystery.


    The quest starts off as something of a lark yet evolves into a struggle for survival as

    they encounter soaring temperatures, rogue sheikhs, sandstorms, bandits, warring

    factions and other unforeseen dangers. Along the way, they rediscover the skills,

    resilience and ingenuity that have kept them alive throughout their long and

    exciting lives.

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