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    The Last Traveler

  • The Last Traveler is a children's adventure story about Tom Pendergast, a young alien from a distant galaxy who becomes separated from his parents and is marooned on the planet Earth. There is only one way he can find his way back home. He must find a fellow alien known as a Traveler, the last of a number of great philosophers and teachers sent to Earth to help humans live peaceably with each other and to triumph over the darker side of their natures. Only this Last Traveler knows the secret process that can help the young alien reunite with his parents.

    To Tom Pendergast, Earth is a frightening and bewildering world. Yet he is befriended by a number of engaging characters, including a beautiful young human girl named Jennifer Dancing and a black cat named Winterpine Number 5, descendent of the great Mau, sacred cat of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Their quest leads them on a storm-tossed sea voyage and to the mysterious shores of India and hurls them into many dangers and perilous adventures. They encounter and are pursued by a number of evil characters including the awful Captain Blood, skipper of the tramp freighter Admiral Ming, his profane parrot Tamerlane, and his powerful first mate Jack Hammer. Once they arrive in India, they are pursued by the darkly deceitful clowns of the Bombay Circus. The story ends with an unexpected twist when, in the company of a troop of wandering sacred cows, our heroes arrive at the Last Traveler’s ashram in rural India. Will Tom Pendergast find his way home? Will Jennifer Dancing win his heart? Will Winterpine Number Five save the world from meanness? These are the questions that can only be answered on the pages of The Last Traveler. The book will be a favorite of middle-grade readers, age 9 to 13, who are fans of fantasy adventure. However, the book also contains many useful truths, including the relationship between fear and courage, the possibility of triumphing over the darker side of human nature, and the connections that exist between all living things.